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Management Training

Training is never an optional extra on any business resources list for successful businesses. Find out how you can train your staff and yourself in the most cost effective way to suit your business and time. As a business advice source your needs are our concern.

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Working with her team of mentors and trainers Chrissie tailors the training you need to the outcomes you desire in areas such as….

  • Supervisory, Middle Management, Senior Management and Leadership
  • Recruitment, Performance Management, Performance Reviews
  • Customer Service, Managing Change, Team Building, Managing Difficult People
  • Social Media, Communication Strategies, Marketing Strategies
  • Coaching Skills, Developing a Coaching Culture, Mentoring Tour Team
  • Improve Your Sales Skills, Professional Presentations, Time Management

…… name just a few.

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Social Media Course

Social Media

From Social Media Activity Content that drives your business forward, to knowing how to manage it all is a skill required of all successful businesses these days. Can you afford to be left behind by your competitors? Check out our Business Advice Source.

Following the completion of a Foundation Degree in Social Media and a Diploma in Digital Marketing, Chrissie has been delivering training across a wide range of Social Media topics:

  • Content Social Media Strategies That Increase Business.
  • Tweeting for Business Development.
  • Getting the Most Out of Linked In.
  • Creating a Return on Influence.
  • How to Be a Better Blogger.
  • The Effective Use of Social Media Analytics.
  • Digital Marketing that Increases Business Growth.

Chrissie also provides help and advice on Social Media policies, increasing online sales through effective Social Media Content Strategies and Developing a Company Blog.

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Public Speaking

Chrissie is an experienced public speaker. Her style is humorous and engaging and she has presented on a wide range of business topics including……

  • Managing Change
  • Top Tips for Business Start-ups
  • Developing a Coaching Culture
  • Presentations for the Petrified!
  • Social Media for Business Growth.

With a knack for  her inspiring her audience she presents at local groups and networking events……

  • What’s Your Body Saying?
  • The Language of the Fan
  • A Life on the Ocean Waves
  • A Shared Identity – The Reality of Twins

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Mentoring and Development Coaching

Sometimes training just does not hit the mark. It may be too generic or you have a need for a very specific focus of development for one individual. When this happens (or preferably before) consider Development Coaching or Mentoring as a means of learning that can address…..

  • Personal Development and Goal Setting
  • Managing Change Effectively
  • Managing Difficult Individuals
  • How to Reach Your Potential
  • How to Get More Out of Your Team

Stuck in a rut? Not moving forward with your career or business? Need to be challenged and stretched even further than you thought possible?

  • Career Development
  • Business Development
  • Reaching Your Full Potential

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